Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Know more about whatsapp GB For android

Know more about whatsapp GB

Whatsapp GB

Hello friends, welcome to everyone in kcreations.tk Today, we bring you an application as an application which you are likely to get many benefits by reading. Whatsapp GB

You may have found out about a portion of the GB WhatsApp App, or you may have utilized some WhatsApp Messenger around you. Whatsapp GB

The full name of this app is GB Whatsapp, and it is not exactly like your previous whatsapp. In this, some functions are like the first WhatsApp, but with the GB WhatsApp App change we have come across people. We should welcome the GB Whatsapp app. Whatsapp GB

GB WhatsApp Features

How to download GB WhatsApp? Before knowing this, we tell you this Some feature, which is as : -

  • Without a whopping week, you can stay open online for free. That means, staying online for 24 hours can show others how much you drive WhatsApp.
  • Yo can hide your online WHATSAP status.
  • The ability to recall and erase the message sent by the app is in it.
  • You can keep your status safe.The GBWhatsApp can change the icon as you wish.
  • At WhatsApp, you cannot send more than 20 MB of VIDEO, PDF files, but on GB WhatsApp you can send up to 30 MB of VIDEO, PDF file.
  • On WhatsAp, you can send up to 10 photos at a time, but you can send up to 90 photos at one time on the GB WhatsApp apk.
  • Voices Calling and VIDEO Calling can be done at GB Whatsapp.
  • You will have to set what is to send.
We have given you GB WhatsApp Trick in Hindi / Features, and now you should have understood better about how to run GB Whatsapp.

So, let us now call you GB WhatsApp Download Karna. First of all, take damage.

Loss of GB Whatsapp

Such things are their own advantages and losses, but you have to understand them. If you run the GB WhatsAap all day long, then leaving everything else is wrong.

Whatsapp GB

Things like GB Whatsapp is meant to help only people, our work is easy to do, and not to waste our time. You have to understand this.

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